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Reality Is Unforgiving – The Importance of Specified Illness Cover

The Apple founder Steve Jobs died of cancer in 2011 at the age of just 56. He was infamous at Apple for having what was called a ‘reality distortion field’. This was recognized by those who worked with him and for him throughout his career. In Jobs’ world nothing was impossible and when presented with a problem that everyone else felt was impassable, Jobs’ dismissed this in his own mind at least, demanding that his team find the solution or way of doing something. This behaviour resulted in many Read More »

8 reasons saving regularly will make for a smoother life journey

First ask yourself, are you a saver or someone who wishes they were a saver! We have reportedly gone from a nation of spenders to a nation of savers in a few short years. It is reported that household savings is close to €100 billion in Ireland at present and much of it isn’t working well in terms of achievable returns for its owners but is taking refuge in a credit union or bank. The latest central bank quarterly Q2 2013 bulletin tells us that "personal savings remains elevated.........and Read More »

The Pension Bridge to a low risk retirement.

The OECD published their review of the Irish pension system last week. It highlights a number of risks facing Ireland's population, not least an increase in old age poverty in Ireland. The principal risks are flagged by the recommendations for Ireland of at least an auto-enrollment pension scheme arrangement (with an opt out) or a mandatory pension scheme. Why? Because too few Irish workers have pension plans (National Household Survey 2009 recorded 54% pension coverage), and of those who do, Read More »

9 Good reasons to consider a Buy-out-Bond (BoB) when changing employments.

Gone are the days when a job for life is the norm, and gone are the days when we can all look forward to a state pension at 65. The movement in the employment market and the onus on us to manage our retirement plans has never been greater. Compulsory redundancies, people unafraid to follow their dreams and leave a ‘secure’ job to become self-employed or simply move jobs to become more fulfilled is now normal for many. The movement in employment has brought with it the 'parking' of accumulated Read More »

First Time Home Buyer Tips before applying for a Mortgage!

Karl Deeter, the Compliance Manager with the Irish Mortgage Brokers recently wrote on the topic of mortgage applications for first time buyers in the Sunday Business Post 20th January 2013. His timing coincided more or less with the Permanent TSB announcement that it was going to loosen the purse strings in 2013 and go back into the mortgage market this year with €450 million to lend. Not a gushing amount but nevertheless this gives the First Time Buyer (FTB) another bank option. AIB Bank Read More »


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