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Couple aged mid-forties, young children, home loan and residential investment property mortgage. Both loans in husband’s name only. Double income household approx. €78,000 per annum, plus rental income €20,000. Husband was smoker when life and serious illness cover taken out. He has not smoked in 2 years.Read More »

Executive director in family run business, age 59, married, combined incomes €83,000 all children financially independent. Adequate protection in place, no mortgage or loans. Primary concern, his retirement plan, normal retirement age 65.Saving 1500 per month.

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Couple late 30’s, self-employed combined income €80K, 3 young children, own home with mortgage. Home purchased by husband early 2002, mortgage protection in place for husband only. No life cover on spouse and neither have serious illness cover.

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Client: Retired couple, no dependents, own home, no mortgage or loans, annual pension and investment income €58,000 and savings €310,000.

Client: Young couple, two children, had been renting property for €800 per month. Combined incomes from two permanent employment positions of €45,000.

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Client: 41 year old female employee moving jobs and unsure what to do with accumulated pension fund in her previous employment.

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