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PAYE Worker tax planning

Irish PAYE Tax Refunds

If you’re a PAYE (Pay as You Earn) worker, such as a receptionist, nurse, teacher, guard, lecturer, engineer, manager, your employer will deduct tax from your earnings. Most people don’t know that they may be entitled to a refund of some of the tax paid during the year. The average Irish tax refund is reportedly between €650 and €840 each year so can you afford not to? PAYE workers can and should make claims for additional tax credits and tax reliefs which you are entitled to including the following more common ones (list not exhaustive). Revenue will permit a tax payer to go back over most recent 4 years to claim tax refunds on:

  • Unreimbursed Medical and dental expenses tax relief
  • Rent relief tax credit
  • Permanent Health Insurance premiums
  • PRSA contributions outside your employer pension scheme
  • Qualifying Third Level tuition fees
  • Single parent tax credit
  • Deed of covenant
  • Top Slicing Relief on taxable redundancy payment

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