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Cash Flow planning – 10 benefits to planning your cash flow

There are copious amounts of great material on Investopedia, a most useful resource on the world of finance. I thought it would be useful to begin this piece with a reminder of what a trusted definition of cash flow is:-   INVESTOPEDIA EXPLAINS 'Cash Flow' In business as in personal finance, cash flows are essential to solvency. They can be presented as a record of something that has happened in the past, such as the sale of a particular product, or forecasted into the future, Read More »

‘Low for Longer’ Investment outlook forecast by Blackrock

Whether you are a regular saver, a lump sum investor/depositor, a worker building your pension fund for retirement, a stock investor, a property investor and possibly some or all of the above, Blackrock’s Investment outlook for 2014 entitled "Squeezing out more juice" is full of knowledge. It gives a deeper understanding of what factors are at play in the global recovery. It also sets out the 5 key players (US, Europe, Japan, China and UK); the actions they are taking, the key risks and Read More »

8 reasons saving regularly will make for a smoother life journey

First ask yourself, are you a saver or someone who wishes they were a saver! We have reportedly gone from a nation of spenders to a nation of savers in a few short years. It is reported that household savings is close to €100 billion in Ireland at present and much of it isn’t working well in terms of achievable returns for its owners but is taking refuge in a credit union or bank. The latest central bank quarterly Q2 2013 bulletin tells us that "personal savings remains elevated.........and Read More »


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