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“Dealing with Divergence” Investment Outlook by Blackrock

Taking in all the news from around the globe this week, I was struck by seven stories which emerged at the beginning of 2015. These stories signal increased market volatility ahead and will shape the global and local financial markets for some time to come. The debate on the events is interesting, and always centres on a key word; risk. The key reference point I recommend for investment risk assessment is Blackrock’s latest investment outlook which takes an in-depth look at investment risk from Read More »

Best Doctors – Put your health in the best hands

This week our population's health in Ireland was put under the spotlight again. A study published by the British Journal of Dermatology on data compiled by the National Cancer Registry of Ireland highlighted new research indicating further evidence of the need for specified illness cover with an 80% increase in diagnosis of skin cancer alone between 1994 and 2011. Worryingly, both the NCRI and the Irish Cancer Society both expect the statistics to double again before 2040. If you or a family Read More »

‘Low for Longer’ Investment outlook forecast by Blackrock

Whether you are a regular saver, a lump sum investor/depositor, a worker building your pension fund for retirement, a stock investor, a property investor and possibly some or all of the above, Blackrock’s Investment outlook for 2014 entitled "Squeezing out more juice" is full of knowledge. It gives a deeper understanding of what factors are at play in the global recovery. It also sets out the 5 key players (US, Europe, Japan, China and UK); the actions they are taking, the key risks and Read More »

Know the difference between Specified Illness, Income Protection and Health Insurance before you decide.

Protecting your family is the concern that grips most of us from one end of the year to the next, especially families with young children and dependents. How well are you really addressing this need? Have you ever assumed that having health insurance is sufficient protection to cover life's risks for your family? Or lately you may have reviewed your health insurance and lowered the plan level, switched insurer or even cancelled due to affordability issues. Some have cancelled a life/illness Read More »

8 reasons saving regularly will make for a smoother life journey

First ask yourself, are you a saver or someone who wishes they were a saver! We have reportedly gone from a nation of spenders to a nation of savers in a few short years. It is reported that household savings is close to €100 billion in Ireland at present and much of it isn’t working well in terms of achievable returns for its owners but is taking refuge in a credit union or bank. The latest central bank quarterly Q2 2013 bulletin tells us that "personal savings remains elevated.........and Read More »

The Pension Bridge to a low risk retirement.

The OECD published their review of the Irish pension system last week. It highlights a number of risks facing Ireland's population, not least an increase in old age poverty in Ireland. The principal risks are flagged by the recommendations for Ireland of at least an auto-enrollment pension scheme arrangement (with an opt out) or a mandatory pension scheme. Why? Because too few Irish workers have pension plans (National Household Survey 2009 recorded 54% pension coverage), and of those who do, Read More »


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